I Miss You So so so Much

I miss you each day in my life
I miss you each time you leave
I miss you each time you say goodbye

I miss everything about you
I miss your smile and your laughter
I miss your tender touch of humor

I miss your gentleness and kindness
I miss you when you leave my sight
I miss you all the time


I miss you when you’re so far away
I miss you with all my heart


I miss you in my thoughts
I miss you at my side


I miss looking at your eyes

I miss your kisses and your touch
I miss you so much
I miss you every moment

I miss you everyday
I miss you soooo much!

I Love You!


11 Responses to “I Miss You So so so Much”

  1. This Poem is awsome!!
    I love this poem,
    Keep writing more?

  2. tanishq khan Says:


  3. tanishq khan Says:


  4. Sarah COLE Says:


    Could you give me your name? coz i wanna use your poem for school, i need the name of the author of this beautiful masterpiece!

  5. OMG this is so awesome but i can reelate to this my bf is acorssed the country and i miss him and this is so grate 🙂 keep writting more

  6. This poem makes me cry,, to think about the one i loved, to have to move away broke my small heart. Now hes in remarnd and i cvant see him. iloveeyou shaun

  7. this is such a cute poem my bfs in jail i should copy this and send it 2 him haha jk CUTE!!!


  9. well my bf is, well has me and anther girl and i found out so now i got to be a big huge bitch and me and the other girl he is so called dating me and megan are going to both dump him at the same time and then he will find out how it feels and he and the guys will be all embarresed because everyone will see it!

  10. omg I like this one

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