Love Is Forever

It’s funny how times change
a year ago I never knew love
the world seemed cold and strange
I couldn’t tell when push came to shove

Then one night an angel came
now she didn’t have wings of gold
but she looked upon me with no shame
took my hand and did not let go
she led me through the hard days
and made me laugh when down
I realized the errors of my ways
and no longer needed a reason to frownShe never looked upon my outside
only the heart that beat within
my feelings I can no longer hide
I want to be with her till the end

This person who I never met
only saw in a picture or two
and talked to over the internet
but, deep down we both knew

We fell in love from the inside out
probably from that first night
and left us no reason to doubt
that this love is so right…


4 Responses to “Love Is Forever”

  1. heidicoomer Says:

    This is a beautiful poem and i know exactly
    how this feels and what you mean but keep in mind that while love can be wonderful and earth shattering it can also break your heart

  2. patricia Says:

    I lUv Ur PoEm!!!!!!!!

  3. OMG!!!! This is such a good poem. i loved it…… put some more on

  4. this poems is so nice because it makes me think of my boy friend!

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