Forever In Love

Forever in love
Longing, bliss, desire
Emotions of
Passion ignited by fire
Forever in love
Sighs, moans, cries
Endless moments of
Pleasure that mystifies

Forever in love
Hope, faith, trust
Enduring years of
Commitment a must

Forever in love
Sharing, learning, caring
Experiencing lessons of
Patience always endearing

Forever in love
Solemn, mourning, weeping
Memories of
Everlasting love worth keeping


6 Responses to “Forever In Love”

  1. I’d prefer short-term relationships, that is more practical and romantic. I met my love on a online club ( it is cool and wonderful

    • aditya singhania Says:

      i prefer longterm but only could be possible if someone loves u truely, and u hardly get people like that in todays world.

  2. Friendship is one of the Gift given by god and a friend is a person who is very closer next to our Mother,Father…

    Friendship is a ship which does not sink in any sea….

    These all the words which understand by me through this poetry..Really it is very superb,Fantastic poem..

  3. i love your poem

  4. Love is the most beautiful of what we can experience. I have love link

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