You Make Me Smile


You give me such warm feelings
That my lip begins to curl;
I start to feel all giddy
Like a little school girl!

My eyes start to squint
And my cheeks start to blush;
Everyone keeps teasing me
As if I’ve got a secret crush!

Well, I say, it’s no secret
That you sure make me smile,
And there’s no sense in hiding –
‘Cause smiling’s always in style!



7 Responses to “You Make Me Smile”

  1. shit hot xx

  2. This is uber sweet. I love all the images you are using. I think your blog is very enlightening. It geneartes a hope and instills a serenity. Lovely.

  3. Aww that’s so sweet

  4. Barbiola Boisette Says:

    That soo sweet…love

  5. this is so very true about an ex bf of mine that i love him more then ever he is my best friend and still the love of my life.

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