You Mean World To Me

If there’s one thing in existence
That I just can’t live without
It would have to be YOU, my love,
Without a shred of doubt!

It’s like you are my life support –
I mean other than the standard fare –
That is, you know, the obvious,
Food, water, shelter and air.

You’re more important than the sun itself,
More intriguing than the moon,
You’re more charming than a subtle breeze
On the perfect afternoon…

You’re more beautiful than the sunset,
And I think that you should know
The twinkling of a billion stars
Could never match your glow.


4 Responses to “You Mean World To Me”

  1. that was so sweet i cant stop smilingxxxthanx xxxx

  2. jessica Says:

    i sent to my boy friend and when i went back 2 school he gave me a big kiss!!!!!!(-:

  3. very good

  4. i love ths peom

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