I give you My Heart

Because you’re so special, I’ve got something really important to give you… You’re always there for me You’ve even held my hand Whenever I had problems You would always understand I’m so glad to have you As such a close friend I’m truly glad to say On you, I can depend Now, you better believe This is only the start You mean so much to me That I give you ~ My Heart! ~


11 Responses to “I give you My Heart”

  1. wow i love your poems they are very sweet i wish i can have lovely knowlege like you.

  2. dang these poem r the freakin best

  3. i really like love poems and tyhis is one of the cutest poemthat i’ve read

  4. tiffany friday Says:

    I had really enjoy reading poem, it was nice and sweet at the same time. As for myself my boyfriend not trusting me or believe in me of what i do or did in the pass just by reading your poem i know what to do know

  5. jessy hughes Says:

    ur poems are amazing!!! they are so sweet. i have tryed but i cannot right as good poems as you! ur so clever! lol 😛

  6. i love this peom it so pretty i can relAte to it

  7. wow ah-mazing poem i really really LOVED it

  8. i loved you poem wish i could write some like that

  9. i really enjoyed what are
    you doing right now, but
    i wish tht i could jst write
    like you =]

  10. Is very nice reading this poem, such nice words to tell the person you love, and great gift of heart that’s amazing!

  11. i like them make me think about my bf

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