I’ll Always Love You

by Dee Dee Jackson


I know how much I've hurt you
And I never meant to let you down.
We both had believed so very strongly
That we would be forever bound.

You were my angel, you see
You picked me up when I would fall.
But your loving arms wrapped around me,
Is what I will miss the most of all.

It was such a tough choice that I made
When I decided to set you free.
I know that I promised never to leave you,
But my conscience got the best of me.

I realized that I had nothing to offer you
My love just wasn't enough.
You deserve so much more than this.
Our lives would just be too tough.

Now you can go on with your life
And find the happiness that you need.
I won't be there to hold you back.
It's hard to vision, but you will see.

Baby, I can't tell you how sorry I am
That I've had to turn you away.
But I'm crying right along with you
And in my heart you will always stay.

Please don't hate me for breaking your heart
I knew it was the right thing to do.
And I know that I will regret this one day,
Because I know that I will always love you.
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