Happy Sweetest Day





Please come and sit beside me
I have so much to say
The words I have to share with you
I need to speak today

My love for you is growing
You’re more than just my friend
I swore because of my past hurts
I’ve never love again

Sometimes I hide my feelings
Or deny they may be true
I bury them deep down inside
So I can feel secure

Since the day I met you
My whole world has changed
Suddenly I feel so alive
I’m in love again

Once before I had a love
Now buried in my past
But this time things are different
I know our love will last

Happy Sweetest Day



10 Responses to “Happy Sweetest Day”

  1. i loved it it touched me.!!!!!!!!!!!thanx 4 sharing xxxxxx

  2. i keep reading it ova and ova i think that is the best poem i have read all day!thanx agen for making my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxx

  3. Dark angel Says:

    This truely is one of the sweetest poem i have read.

  4. i love this poem

  5. christian Says:

    this poem is like my experience, that is why i love it

  6. I just love this poem .

  7. very trun and simple

  8. hi this is for u

  9. its heart touching!!!!

  10. this poem is great cause I can relate to it so well

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